Daycare Nurseries Presentation Videos

We can change any or nearly all text on this video and you can rent it for just £5 per month

Images stay the same but we re-brand it with your text and the only up-front fee is just £20 studio fee.

There is a small one-off-charge of £20 for the studio work, then it is just £5 per month on a no-contract subscription. You can cencel at any time.

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We make this Day Care Presentation video yours for only £9.00 per month.

As soon as you watch this daycare promotional video you will appreciate that £3000 has been invested in creating it, yet we can add your text to replace ours and all we ask for is £25 to cover the studio work and then a low monthly rental of just £9.00 per month.

There is no contract, no obligation, no minimum rental period and no penalties – you can cancel at any time.

All you need to do now is click on the button below to pay the £25, you don’t need to start a monthly subscription until you are totally happy with your video.

This animated video is another option to promote your child care service.A spokesperson video presentation is a great way to promote your nursery and allows for customer testimonials.

This animated video is another option to promote your child care service.
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