Nail Salons Presentation Video

Your Nail Salon promotional Video for £9.00 per month

Nails are special, they say a lot about the person and even more about the Nail Salon. When a person is looking for a top quality salon, they want to see more than a ‘same old, same old’ website.

A professional video reflects a professional salon, add it on to your website and it reflects your creativity.

We change the text and contact details to suit you.

The only outlay you have is just £25 for studio work to personalise the video and make it yours and only when you are happy with the final video do you need to pay £9.00 per month subscription.

There is no contract, so you can cancel at anytime without penalties, you are in total control and don’t need to ask us to cancel, you simply cancel via PayPal – it really is that simple.

If your competitors are winning your customers, you need a leading edge – and that is a top quality professional video on your website.

To get the ball roilling and secure your video, click the button below, this will accept your deposit of £25. We will then contact you for the information we need to start the process.

Here’s another option for Mobile Beauty Services

With this one, you supply all the images, there is a studio fee of just £5 per slide. This video has 7 slides so the one-off payment is £35 and just £9 per month!

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