Painter and Decorator Marketing Video

Choose one of these upmarket marketing videos for painters and decorators – we can change the photos and images for your own and even change the text to suit you – rental is £9 monthly

We have made the cost of the videos very low by creating a small subscription of just £9.00 monthly and the only one-off payment for the studio work is just £40. This fee covers our costs to change the photos, images and text – we use your material.

The above has more limitations in what we can change due to the voiceover, but it is still very flexible.

It gets better, we only need your website address and we can take the images, photos and text from there – you need to do nothing.

Even better is that you can cancel at any time because you have total control over the subscription, you don’t ask us to cancel, you simply cancel from your end.

To get started hit the ‘lets do it’ button, this pays the £40 and you don’t start to pay the monthly subscription until you are totally happy with the video. …lets do it!

As soon as we get the notification, we’ll get in contact with you and ask which video you would like.

Change any or all of the text in this Painter & Decorator Marketing Video, Add your details and rent it for just £9 monthly!

To customise it, we can change pretty much most of the text to suit your business with your contact details.

There is a small one-off-charge of £40 for the studio work, then it is just £9 per month on a no-contract subscription. You can cencel at any time.

To get the ball rolling, hit the ‘let’s do it’ button now.

You might want to have a chat, discuss an idea or ask a question before proceeding – and why not!
Feel free to call me on

01727 825 999

These Videos Can Be Adapted To Your Painting and Decorating Business and Rented For Just £9.00 per month

Choose a style, we replace the images with your own, we add your logo and your text as well as contact details, so it becomes your own.

There is a small, one-off charge of £40 to convert the video for you. Only when you are happy do you need to begin to pay £9.00 per month and the good news is, you can cancel this subscription at anytime from your end…so you know it is done!

There is no minimum contract or obligation, – try it for a couple of months, we’re sure you will be more than delighted and wish to keep it.

You can add it to your website, post it on Facebook – Tweet it, email it …do whatever, its yours!

Feel free to call me for a chat on 01727 825 999

If you pretty much know what text you want and ready to – simply hit the button below to pay your £40 deposit and I’ll get in touch to discuss it.