Locksmiths Promotional Video

Probably the most important thing you can add to your website and social media.

This locksmiths marketing video is different in the sense that it encourages people to add your details into their phone ….. right now, not when they need a locksmith. This call to action gives the lead position over your competition.

The logic is that in the event of an emergency they don’t need to panic and seek a locksmith in haste, they have your contact details stored in their phone …simple!

Watch the video, we add your own contact details, we can add your logo and your message – the only up-front fee is £40 for the studio work, then and only when you are 100% happy, we’ll create a £9 monthly subscription that enables you to cancel at any time, whenever you like…

Here’s a ‘whiteboad’ type video that you might prefer.

You could easily pay around £1000 for this video, but today, all the work is done, all the bills are paid and the only payment you need to make is £40 to personalise it ….add your details and text.


Here’s how it works:
You pay a deposit of £40. We take the essential information from your website or you supply it and we add it to your new Locksmiths promotional video. We send you the link and you can comment or approve.

Only when you are happy do we, provide the code for you or your webmaster to upload it – we then set up your subscription of £9 per month.

There is no contract, penalty or time limite – you can cancel at any time.

Below is a locksmiths animated promotional video, again we change the text to suit you.

Pricing is the same. £40 deposit for studio work and then just £9 per month

Click the button below to pay the £40 deposit, we’ll change the text to suit you and when you are happy, the monthly rental is only £9.00 per month.
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Still not convinced