Using Videos for SEO

Are videos good for website SEO?

The short answer is YES.
Let’s look at why.

Google now owns YouTube.

Not just Google but other search engines are placing videos in the search engine results so it isn’t unusual to see more and more local businesses ranking higher with videos, something they never could have done just a few months ago.

Next time you do a search, look for a little thumbnail of a video, it is linking that video to YouTube and the video is linking to a local businesses website.

There is also a very powerful weapon called ‘link juice’ and videos create strong inbound links, thus providing link juice. Inbound links are links that come into your web site and generally help raise websites in search engine rankings.

Videos engage with the audience will build those inbound links and help raise a website site further up the search engine rankings.

Why do people click on these thumbnails in the search engine results? Because people view these images as a more interesting alternative to a load of text. They can watch and listen, they are much more engaged with them than they would be with text.

SEO experts have studied the stats show that people are more likely to click on images than they are on text links.

Even the position of these video thumbnails doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, whether it is No.1 or No.10 –¬† they are more likely to click on that image before they click on any text.

Ultimately people find them engaging, when they see a video in the search results they know that they are going to be thrusted with yet another  boring web page but actually get something that has sound and video so they can watch and be entertained  or even engaged on a serious matter.

This is why video area powerful tool in SEO.